Youth engagement/Usher program 

Young instrumental music students benefit from hearing live classical music and seeing their instrument perform within a larger orchestra, while helping present a local gem to the Montgomery County community AND helping raise money both to support our own county orchestra and NIH Charities such as the Children’s Inn. 
MCPS Student musicians ( or appreciators of music!) are furthering their knowledge of compositions and have the chance to see an orchestra in action close up  —- while also performing a valuable service to the community by serving as ushers for NIH Phil.  Ushers welcome our community patrons and help them access the program.
Ushering for NIH Philharmonic has provided me with helpful insight on the world of adulthood and careers. Seeing so many adult researchers, scientists, and doctors take time out of their busy workdays to practice their instrument and put on a stellar performance is an inspiring sight to all students. It is inspiring that, regardless of the career path you choose, you have the ability and freedom to pursue whatever pastime you find pleasing. Working to help audience members access the virtual program has greatly improved my ability to converse with others and to impart information more effectively. I hope other students will continue to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”  Student Musician – Clarinet, and NIH Phil Usher,  Walt Whitman Class of 2026
Performances are in October, December, February and April, always on a Saturday evening. Please email Manager for information about this opportunity. Include your name, High School, instrument if applicable, email and cell. SSL hours available. 
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